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They are made of high-quality PET material, which is durable and durable, equipped with triple hooks 2pcs made of high-carbon steel.

They have a three-component design that helps to create a pleasant swimming and a more realistic imitation of fish.

The first hinge has a steel ball that shifts the weight, for example, a displacement to the tail part during casting to lengthen the casting distance. The third joint has several rattles that can create noise to attract the attention of fish.

With very bright colors, they can reflect light from all directions, ideal for attracting fish, suitable for different waters.

Bendy and flexible, for you there are 6 different types.


Material: PET + high-carbon steel

Color: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5, Type 6 (Optional)

The length of the bait: 10 cm / 3.94 "

Hook size: 4 #

Package weight: approx. 17g

Quantity: 1 шт.

The package includes:

1 x 1pc swimbait

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